First snow and ice project in Bruges

  • Year:
  • Location:
    Bruges, Belgium
  • Artists:
    Jules, Lesley, Susan and Peter

It was a major turning point in our sculpting careers when we were invited to sculpt snow at the first Inaxi snow and ice project in 2000. Getting paid to sculpt was wonderful, especially in such a fantastic location. Our work with the Dutch established a positive relationship which led to many projects all over Europe and later involved all of our Kootenay sculptor friends. The first year was quite an adventure as they learned how to make snow, how not to use gas powered chainsaws inside, and how to adapt from sand to snow and ice.
We have so many wonderful memories of the walk from the cramped hostel to the work tent beside the train station.. passing through the Medieval archways, walking along cobblestoned streets, seeing the Michelangelo sculpture in the church downtown, watching the swans on the canals.. Bruges is such a treat.
For a lark, we had an outstretched hand of ice on the snow Christmas tree.. we placed a few coins there.. and heard that over 500 dollars was thrown into the space.. later donated to a local foodbank.

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